Options for Negative Carbon Emissions in California

.0.0.0         Getting to Neutral         Background         Introduction         details         Worldwide Emissions Reductions         images         details         Goals of California's emissions plan extrapolated to 2045         images         details         GASIFICATION SCENARIO IN 2045, NEGATIVE EMISSIONS BASIS         images         details         Main elements of California's 2030 plan         images         Carbon-Reduction Pillars         1st Carbon-Reduction Pillar         images         images         images         images         details         2nd Carbon-Reduction Pillar         images         images         images         images         details         3rd Carbon-Reduction Pillar         images         details         Costs of Direct Air Capture from Geothermal and Waste Heat         images         Deployment scenario for direct air capture developed for this analysis.         images         Low-DAC Scenario: Deployment and Costs         images         Moving Average Direct Air Capture Costs for Units in California With Learning from Globally Deployed Units         images         Negative Emission Technologies         Available classes of negative emissions technologies         images         Costs for biomass-based negative emissions         images         Flow diagram illustrating the three main pathways to negative emissions         images         Diagram linking biomass type to conversion technology         images         Simplified block flow diagram and system boundary of gasification to liquid fuels via Fischer-Tropsch synthesis with carbon capture         images         Negative emissions potential, avoided fossil emissions, and weighted average cost         images         details         CO2 Capture Cost Sensitivity to Biomass Feedstock Cost         images         details         Total System Cost         Key Findings         images         images         details