Calculated Eemian (130,000-115,000 years ago) sea-level rise due to Greenland melting.

Black stars show the maximum Eemian sea-level rise, as a function of the isotopic sensitivity alphaic, using the 'standard case' isotopic forcing. The corresponding summit elevations are shown on the top axis. Diamonds show results of the same calculations, but with the isotopic lapse rate correction (see Methods) removed, to illustrate its importance. Squares represent calculations applying alpha c = 0.33 to all the pre-Eemian forcing with delta less than or equal to -35 per mil (which implies that the penultimate glacial climate was very similar to that of the last glacial). The black stars were calculated with alphac = alpha ic, which is physically less plausible but which allows direct comparison to earlier modelling work in the limit alphaic = 0.67, and gives a minimum lower bound for the 'best estimate' sea-level contribution.
From the following article:
Substantial contribution to sea-level rise during the last interglacial from the Greenland ice sheet
Kurt M. Cuffey and Shawn J. Marshall
Nature 404, 591-594(6 April 2000)
Source: Nature