Sea Level and CO2 concentratons for last 800,000 years

d18O stack (LR04) from Lisieki and Raymo (2005), sea level estimates (m) (Bintanja et al., 2005) and CO2 concentration in ppmv from EPICA, Dome C, Antarctica (L├╝thi et al., 2008) for the last 1 million years. Maxima in d18O values indicate a glaciation while minima indicate interglacials. Two great interglacials, MIS 5.5 and MIS 11, used as present-day climate analogues are indicated.
During the last 800 kyrs, glacial/interglacial periods have been pacing the climate natural variability following saw-tooth abrupt transitions . These cold/warm oscillations, are part of a larger time-scale gradual cooling that was initiated during the Mid-Pliocene (~ 4 Million year ago, Ma) and that brought global climate into the Northern Hemisphere glacial/interglacial alternation
Source: climatescienceandpolicy
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